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Some pieces from our collaborative brief
October 23, 2007

Some of these pieces only have 1-3 layers so far still need to give some to Jade.

Some pieces I like, others I’m not as sure about.


October 23, 2007

Back at college
October 23, 2007

First day back, there’s a few of us in working away on our collaborative projects.

In the process of tryin to upload some of the projects work onto my blog but having a bit of difficulty.

Quite excited for tomorrow for seeing video work by artists.


October 11, 2007


October 8, 2007

Need to get someone to show me how to put photos onto this blog. So confusing!

 Sophie’s a good choice to ask! She knows how to do all that kinda carry on :]

October 8, 2007

Got my glasses today :[ not good! Never had glasses my whole life and they are SO uncomfortable!

 Just hope my eye sight doesn’t get worse.

Collaboration Brief
October 8, 2007

Theme : Weight

My partner is Jade :] Good partner…love her way off drawing.

 Ok  well ideas so far…..heavyness, darkness (the idea of how heavy blackness is), pressure.

 We will swap drawings, approaching the brief using different medias.

 Excited to see how it goes.

Took a while…
October 8, 2007

but got here in the end :] finally worked out how to use blog! Actually wasn’t logged on the whole time when I thought I was….oops!

 Well so far I’m enjoying the course, I like being given briefs to work on and coming up with our own ideas on what to do. Although I wish we had a life model for Fridays with Jenny but hopefully after the October holidays we shall have one.