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projected water
March 5, 2008

This is when i projected water onto the magazines, it’s pretty jumpy but i like the general effect. I need to re-film running water but have sound included in it as well. I also need to buy scales for the installation. I like this piece.  


February 14, 2008

Ok for the conceptual project I started looking at eating disorders in celebrities and how it affects people who look up till them. I started of by taking photos of my flatmate being fake sick.

 I like the photos, more the ones without my flatmate in them, the sense that it could be someone just being sick or it could infact be someone making themselve sick. It’s not so obvious. I want to take photos of not so obvious eating disorders, as in not someone making themself sick, but say a toothbrush that could symbolise an eating disorder. Because its often portrayed that people use a toothbrush when making themself sick.

Journey film
February 6, 2008

Ok well I’m a bit late in getting round to uploading this film but finally know how to use youtube. This is my film part of the project; Journey. After playing about with the footage I had, I decided I still liked the film as simple as it was. It’s very basic and literal, my journey from Edinburgh to Halkirk.I’d like to try out the film speeded down very slowly to try and convey the idea of how long a journey it really is.

Filming editing
November 6, 2007

I enjoyed editing our films last week, slightly of till a bad start at first the programme we were using kept frozing on me and I forgot till save what I’d done so far, but after till a not so good start I got into it. The programme we used was easier to work than I expected, it was quite basic but the results you could get out of it would be endless. My film was off a journey on the bus, figured on doing it on that as I spent alot of my time on the bus no matter where I’m going. I liked my film in the end, I was more impressed with it than I expected too be.

On a not to good note……I have the cold, constantly coughing.