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Site Specific
May 26, 2008

Site Specific

Looking through books and websites on Site-Specific art, I’ve realised there is no exact definition for the movement, there just seems to be various ideas about it.

Pioneered in the late-1950s to the mid-1960s, Site Specific art was the result of many of the movements from that era. Site Specific art has many influences; Conceptualism, Minimalism, De Stijl, Cubism, Arte Povera – to name a few. When it was pioneered it started off as a de-contextualisation of the museum space.

Site-specific art is

created to exist in a certain place, it has an interrelationship with the location. If removed from the location it would lose all or a substantial part of its meaning. I agree with this definition of the movement.

Typically, the artist takes the location into account while planning and creating the artwork. Outdoor site-specific artworks often include

landscaping combined with permanently sited sculptural elements. Outdoor site-specific artworks also include dance performances created especially for the site; the choreographer uses the site as inspiration for costumes and movement repertoire. Some artists make a point of commissioning music created by a local composer especially for the dance site. Indoor site-specific artworks may be created in conjunction with (or indeed by) the architects
of the building.

Site-specific art is often associated with other movements such as Environmental Art, Land Art or Environmental Sculpture. Site-specific is often used of

installation works, as in site-specific installation, and Land art
is site-specific almost by definition.

More broadly, the term is sometimes used for any work that is (more or less) permanently attached to a particular location. In this sense, a building with interesting

architecture could be considered a piece of site-specific art. 



“the land is not the setting for the work but a part of the work”


Walter De Maria


I completely agree with this quote by artist Walter De Maria, I believe that if you were creating a piece of work for a specific area or place, that place would be a part of the work.




“I am for an art…that does something other than sit on its ass in a museum.”

Claes Oldenburg


Artists producing site-specific works include;





Robert Smithson











































Also younger artists like;















Leonard van Munster